Well, I'm a 17 year-old dude and my name's Erik if you need to know. I live in some awkward city north of Chicago. I have fairly bad OCD, depression, suicidal thoughts, and no scars. Although I've been tempted (beyond belief), I have never cut, drunk, or done any drugs. I'd love to chat with anyone - if you need help or even if you're just bored out of your mind.

Not feeling great..
Finished Dexter, lost all hope on relationships, dreaded my future of prom, lost my guitar teacher, got spine twisted/ crunched, and in general don’t know how I want to feel if at all.
What a fun week.

What actually is your name? I can't work it out when you say it's in your title

Hah.. Forgot I said that in there. Erik.

Well he’s probably not gay… God damn it I wished so badly…

Still enjoy talking and hanging out. Hopefully I won’t fuck that up… I always seem to somehow…