Well, I'm a 17 year-old dude and my name's Erik if you need to know. I live in some awkward city north of Chicago. I have fairly bad OCD, depression, suicidal thoughts, and no scars. Although I've been tempted (beyond belief), I have never cut, drunk, or done any drugs. I'd love to chat with anyone - if you need help or even if you're just bored out of your mind.

who is jack

A guy I’m doing nothing but liking more every time we talk. No chance. Set him up with a very close friend. They love talking to each other, relating on a level I never could with either.
I’m not going to describe him. It’s kind of painful.
He’s trying to get me to stop, well, choosing depression. Trying to be a hero, and it’s only bringing me closer to a spiked wall of NO CHANCE.